Artificial Grass

Southwest Greens artificial grass and lawn products can simulate the look, feel and performance of natural grass in virtually any home or business environment and under the most extreme soil and weather conditions. Southwest Greens artificial grass lawns for your home are extremely durable and can withstand extreme temperatures. Our artificial grass is designed and installed to perform in hot, cold, wet and dry climates. Southwest Greens artificial grass is the ideal, durable alternative for grassy areas that take a beating from heavy use, or places that are particularly difficult to maintain under normal conditions. Our artificial grass never needs to be mowed, watered or fertilized and looks great year-round.

With our extensive experience designing and installing thousands of professional-caliber, custom synthetic putting greens for PGA golfers and amateurs alike, Southwest Greens has proven to be the leader in the artifical grass lawn industry. We are pleased to bring our extensive product knowledge, design skills and installation expertise for all kinds of artificial grass products to your most demanding lawn and most extreme landscaping needs. Southwest Greens high installation standards also ensure your home’s artificial grass is engineered for durability, performance and appearance in a wide range of uses. Playground turf offers a great safe environment for children to play. Lawn turf grass can be a great alternative to real grass in any home setting.

Perhaps you live in an area with extreme weather conditions or where access to water is difficult.  Or maybe you’ve got grassy areas that experience heavy foot traffic.  Whatever your reason, Southwest Greens offers a solution with our artificial turf products.  Enjoy the high performance and low maintenance of artificial turf that will have your lawn or grass area looking perfect year-round.

Our Golden Bear Grass is based on the same technology as our industry-leading, custom synthetic putting greens, and is made of longer-bladed polyethylene designed to simulate natural grass.   Enjoy the softer feel, superior “spring-back”, and low maintenance of our amazing artificial grass products.

Our artificial grass is so versatile that is can also be installed in roadway medians, outdoor areas in restaurants, horse shoe pits, backyard, playground and school recreation areas, bocce ball courts, athletic facilities, and commercial and municipal green areas.


Whether you’re gardening in your yard, competing on a sports field or golfing on a putting green, how do you beat the heat when the temperature starts to climb? Southwest Greens unique and patented cooling synthetic turf system known as HydroChill™ is an effective temperature-reducing solution for warm yards, sports fields and putting greens.
HydroChill™ has proven its ability to cool synthetic turf surfaces by as much as 50 degrees. This is a huge relief for the more than 80 million Americans who experience 100-degree days every summer. Other developments in the past have made a slight difference in temperatures on synthetic lawns and fields, but most have proven ineffective in extreme temperatures. HydroChill™ changes that.

How Does HydroChill™ Work?
The technology works much the same as an athlete who sweats to keep cool. As solar radiation heats everything up, sunlight releases moisture stored within the HydroChill™ turf. The sun evaporates the water and creates an evaporative cooling effect, resulting in a more comfortable environment for gardeners, athletes and golfers.

How Viable is HydroChill™?
The research behind HydroChill™ spans three years and includes lab tests and real-world applications. Tests have verified just how viable HydroChill™ is. For example:

  • HydroChill™ is appropriate for year-round applications on a variety of outdoor surfaces.
  • The high-performance characteristics of synthetic turf remain intact with the addition of HydroChill™ technology.
  • Rainfall and other natural conditions do not impair HydroChill’s™ cooling effect.
  • HydroChill™ is UV-resistant to prevent fading even after many years of use.

As stated by Dr. Phil Stricklen, Director of Research & Development at Shaw Sports Turf, “The introduction of HydroChill™ marks the biggest impact on heat reduction in the history of synthetic turf. This will change the way customers look at turf systems.”

HydroChill Brochure

Pet Turf

We love our pets, but it is no secret that they can wreak havoc on our natural grass yards. Imagine a pet turf surface your dogs won’t be able to dig up; one without dirt and mud for them to track into the house. Our pet turf is designed to simulate the actual look, feel and performance of natural grass. It won’t fade in the sun, requires little-to-no maintenance, and is made of a special polyethylene blend of long-bladed, bent grass fibers that last a lifetime.


Our Pet Turf is designed with Urethane, which allows for superior flow through rates on drainage. And because Southwest Greens is committed to green/recyclable products, our Pet Turf is 100 percent recyclable. It’s safe for both pets and kids, it’s easy to clean, and it’s hygienic–making pet clean-ups easier than ever before.  From backyard kennels to swanky pet resorts, animal lovers everywhere are discovering the benefits of Southwest Greens pet turf products.


Synthetic Playground Turf

Southwest Greens’ synthetic playground turf products provide safe, comfortable and high-performance artificial grass surfaces for a variety of recreational activities.

Rubberized underlay that meets ASTM Fall Height Standards can be used to lessen the impact of an unexpected fall, providing even more safety in those areas where children are more likely to be tumbling. We use only the highest-grade synthetic turf for the most realistic and practical alternative to grass on the market today.

The advanced PlayBase™ by Brock backing system allows the playground turf to conform to any desired slopes and contours, and ensures maximum drainage with little to no moisture build-up, minimizing down time of play and sporting activities. PlayBase™ is the only complete base system that has been designed and engineered specifically for artificial turf playgrounds. Each feature of PlayBase™ panel optimizes function for predictable safety, drainage, turf stability and precise fit.

PlayBase™ is produced from 100% pure high-grade expanded polypropylene. PlayBase™ is resistant to bacteria, fungi, and chemicals, is non-toxic and highly durable material that will not decay or degrade. It is also 100% recyclable and complies with the most stringent environmental standards.

Take all of that into account, and it means one thing: If you’re looking to create the perfect playground environment, look no further than Southwest Greens playground turf.

Parents and school administrators are always on the lookout for a safe environment in which children can play, and our turf products provide just such a safe and comfortable surface for playground areas, common areas, and backyards.

Our synthetic grass and lawn products are an excellent choice for high traffic, heavy usage areas where low maintenance and water conservation is desired. Additionally, because of the consistency and predictability of the surface, our synthetic turf products provide a far safer environment than traditional grass installations, helping today’s children play their best, but safeguard against injuries caused by uneven and unexpected interruptions in the playing surface (i.e. weather, etc.).

Whether your installation includes a commercial playground or day care facility or a backyard play area, Southwest Greens has a synthetic grass or artificial turf product that will fit your needs perfectly. The best part about Southwest Greens turf installations is that they never need mowing, watering or fertilizing to look great and feel great all year long.


Artificial Grass Maintenance

Protect your investment with Synthetic Greens Keepers annual maintenance programs.
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